“these pictures make me feel like i have nothing to hide. raw messy n true. like i’ve died a thousand times and keep coming back more like myself. they remind me to never try too hard to grow up. to save a seat for the dark parts. n to never feel bad about them. they always end up being the most beautiful”


Jesse Jo


crystal arrias

she is both delicate and dark. she is as nuanced as she is brutal. the subjects that she depicts are both feminine n devilish. crystal is one of my all time favorite artists n also happens to be my blood. i am constantly inspired by her work and hold her close to my heart. if someone changes yer life, let it be known. i love you cree. my favorite creep.


"I'm very happy to hear that my work inspires writers and painters. It's the most beautiful compliment, the greatest reward. Art should always be an exchange.” 

- nick cave


Jesse Jo


I’ve always loved findin words that tangle together n make me feel some sorta way.

the unpredictability of how a phrase can change somebody’s mood is what brought me to songwriting.

Which brought me to deadly doll.

A place where i can see my ideas crawl out from the shadows n hang from people’s bodies. i love hangin off of yours... enjoy

art by: sveta shubina


“A live wire is a wire carrying an electric current.

If something goes wrong inside and the live wire gets accidentally

connected to some metal part, the circuit breaker will blow, protecting the user

from an unpleasant sensation or even electrocution.”

photos by: Dana Trippe

have a wild weekend honeys


Jesse Jo


"She walks in beauty, like the night

Of cloudless climes and starry skies,

And all that's best of dark and bright,

Meet in the aspect and her eyes;

Thus mellow'd to that tender light

Which heaven and gaudy day denies."

----Lord Byron

photos by: Dana Trippe

to all kinds of lovers. together n apart. my first lil entry. sharing a bit more of me with you and the things that feed me. this is the first photo from my calendar 

that dana and i will be putting out at the end of the year. a month late. just because. i hope you enjoy.

happy lover day.


Jesse Jo